Anthology Submission

"Dear First Lady"

Share Your Empowering Story. Inspire Others. Become a Published Author.

Are you a First Lady with a story to tell? Have you experienced trials, triumphs, and transformations that others could learn from? 120 Publishing is thrilled to announce a call for submissions to our empowering anthology, "Dear First Lady". We're looking for ten remarkable First Ladies ready to inspire others through their unique journey.

Why Contribute to an Anthology?

An anthology is a collection of writings by various authors that revolve around a common theme, literary form, or period. Contributing to an anthology like "Dear First Lady" allows you to share your experiences, your wisdom, and your lessons learned. It's a chance to express yourself without the pressure of crafting an entire book, but with the prestige of becoming a published author.

Theme of "Dear First Lady"

Our anthology is all about empowerment, authenticity, and breaking the norms. It's about being the leading lady of the church and using your voice for impact and upliftment. It's about promoting holiness and the lessons learned along the journey. We want to hear about the challenges you've faced, the victories you've celebrated, and the transformative lessons you've learned along the way.

Submission Guidelines and Interview

We are seeking submissions from June 4th to June 10th. Each author will be invited for an interview to discuss their story in detail and understand how it aligns with our anthology's theme. Further details will be provided during the interview.

Is There an Investment?

Yes, there is an author submission fee to participate in this anthology. This fee goes towards the costs associated with professional publishing, including editing, cover design, and promotion.

Meet the Author & Publisher

Taushauna Burrel: A Voice of Empowerment, a Beacon of Inspiration

Enter the dynamic world of Taushauna Burrel, a triumphant trifecta of author, publisher, and spiritual midwife. Her life is a testament to resilience, faith, and the power of the written word.

As a three-time author, Taushauna's literary prowess has touched countless hearts and opened numerous minds. Each book she has authored is an ode to her journey, brimming with wisdom and inspiration gleaned from her experiences. Her writings resonate with the authenticity of personal experience and the compelling strength of a woman dedicated to uplifting others.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines brightly as the owner of 120 Publishing, where she masterfully blends her passion for storytelling with her business acumen. Taushauna's vision extends beyond her own writings - she has nurtured the creative talents of numerous aspiring authors, enabling them to find their voices and share their unique narratives with the world.

Alongside her professional achievements, Taushauna's roles as a Minister's Wife and Associate Pastor's Wife speak volumes about her deep-rooted faith and commitment to spiritual leadership. Her guiding light has touched many lives, offering comfort, guidance, and spiritual nourishment to her congregation. Her roles in the church are not just titles; they're extensions of her heartfelt mission to serve and empower.

Taushauna Burrel isn't just sharing stories; she's forging paths for other women to follow. Her ability to connect, inspire, and lead makes her a compelling figure in faith-based empowerment.

Now, she invites you to be part of her latest project, "Dear First Lady". This is more than an opportunity to become a published author - it's a chance to join a legacy of empowering narratives, contribute to a community of strong women, and inspire First Ladies around the globe.

Join Taushauna on this transformative journey. Your story matters. Let's share it with the world.

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