Meet the Founders: Taushauna and Avery Burrel Jr.

Together, Taushauna and Avery have been a formidable team in both ministry and the marketplace since 2012. Following a divine calling, they left their hometown ministry of over 10 years and relocated to Tampa, Florida. It was there that they launched Lender Not Borrower International Ministries, fulfilling their mandate to transform the lives of couples and families worldwide.

With their combined expertise and shared vision, Taushauna and Avery Burrel Jr. are on a mission to empower families and create a lasting legacy of prosperity and purpose for generations to come.

The Founders Up Close

Avery Burrel Jr.:

With over 16 years of experience in church finance, Avery Burrel Jr. is a minister, speaker, and soon-to-be author who has made a significant impact on countless lives. Avery's thriving health and life insurance business, as well as his role in the Burrel Agency, showcases his commitment to helping individuals and families prosper. His dedication to spreading kingdom principles of wealth and success has taken him around the world, teaching and inspiring others to create lasting change in their communities.

Taushauna Burrel:

A dedicated financial expert and transformational leader, Taushauna Burrel has been serving families and businesses since 2012. As a former financial representative, she successfully assisted over 130 clients in achieving their financial goals. Taushauna is also an accomplished author, speaker, and mentor, guiding moms on their journey to write their manuscripts and transform their lives. Her passion for empowering families and sharing kingdom principles of wealth and success is evident in her work, both within and outside of Lender Not Borrower International Ministries.